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BREAKING : Catalan politicians vote for independence


BREAKING : Catalan politicians vote for independence

The live coverage for this event is over now as the Catalan government has voted for independence and the Spanish senate has approved of the decision. With an outstanding 70 voices for independence and only 10 voices against, Catalan politicians made  a fast decision.The Spanish MP Rajoy has called for a meeting at 6 pm today as large crowds are gathered outside to celebrate their new freedom.


2:00 pm: Spain PM Rajoy demands a direct rule over escalating crisis of Catalan

2:15 pm: Politicians are voting in the parliament wether to declare independence from Spain

2:20 pm: Voting has finished

2:30pm: Parliament has voted to declare independence from Spain. Results came to 70 to 10 in the ballot

2:35 pm: Catalan is celebrating independence as Rajoy calls for calm

2:40 pm: Spain’s Senate still to vote on whether for the first time to enact Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which empowers the government to take “all measures necessary to compel” a region in case of a crisis.

2:50 pm : Spains Prime Minister Rajoy has called a cabinet meeting from 6 pm

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