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The competitive cheerleaders of London South Bank University


The competitive cheerleaders of London South Bank University

LSBU’s brand new cheerleading society is looking to challenge the stereotypes as they look to dance their way to glory, reports James Murray

The common misconception is usually that cheerleading is just for girls, who show their support for sports teams, such as football and basketball, from the side lines.

When LSBU student, Omo, was asked about the images associated with cheerleading, she said: “I’m sure they do a lot of hard work, no doubt, but I just see people in pom poms, dancing around in short skirts.”

That is not the case for LSBU’s cheerleaders, though. Despite it being early days for the team, the society is hoping it will not be too long before they begin featuring in competitive competitions.

A member of the squad Safiyah Bennington said:

“It’s been really good so far. There are around twenty other girls, so we have been able to do lots of stunts and pyramids. Everyone has been really welcoming and they are making it really easy for us all to learn and develop.”

She continued: “I think once competing starts, then it will be a little scary because, obviously, everyone wants to go for gold – but until then we’re just learning and having fun.”

Another LSBU student, Margaux, was asked if she would think about joining the squad, she replied: “No, it’s not really my thing – so I wouldn’t consider joining.”

The society emphasises that anyone is welcome to get involved, whether you have participated in gymnastics before, or even if you are a beginner.

For anyone that is interested in joining the cheerleading society, training takes place on Thursday evenings, with a £30 membership fee for LSBU students and a £45 sign up fee for non-students.

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