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Are unpaid internships fair?


Are unpaid internships fair?

A controversial issue that’s been on the rise in recent weeks is whether or not unpaid internships are fair and should unpaid internships last for more than four weeks, asks Angela Ansari

A survey conducted by the Social Mobility Commission has revealed more than 5k people agreed to a ban on unpaid internships.

Most internships are undertaken by those in their late teens and early 20s. Most companies think that teens would not be aware of the work load and use this to their advantage. Typical tasks would include asking the interns to go on multiple coffee runs and using the interns as their personal helper, rather than allowing them to have an insight into what work life is really about.

Before deciding whether to undertake an unpaid internship, students and graduates are advised to make sure they know what to expect from it and in return what the employer expects from them. This includes making sure that the internship will be of value. For example, graduates should consider whether it will provide a good insight into a particular industry or open up the possibility of paid work in the future.

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