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JD Wetherspoons to ban all plastic straws by 2018


JD Wetherspoons to ban all plastic straws by 2018

While you are at the bar waiting to be served, what is it that you see displayed? That’s right, many plastic straws which believe it or not, are pretty bad for the environment. JD Wetherspoon’s are finally reaching a decision.

Though the straws are practical, a lot of pubs and bars hand out straws like they are going out of fashion, easily accessible, easy to grab and easily replaced as they are inevitably dropped.

From the start of 2018, all Wetherspoon’s pubs will no longer use plastic straws and will be replacing them with biodegradable paper straws. They have come to the conclusion that this is the best way for a healthy environment as 70k straws are found in the ocean a year so by doing this it’ll stop them from making their way into the ocean and harming the sea-life.

Your typical Wetherspoon’s customers are either your regulars or students on a budget. Will this cause a problem for the customers or is this looked at as a positive? A survey of 100% positive comments came back. Overall the best decision the Wetherspoon’s could’ve made and a step into the right direction to create a healthy and happy environment.

The chief executive John Hudson says: “these changes are a part of an overall commitment from the company to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste produced. We believe that Wetherspoon’s pub-goers will welcome this”. The Wetherspoon’s are not the only company who are trying to reduce plastic waste. Tesco’s have recently stopped the selling of 5p bags, Borough market and Pret A Manger’s have announced the plans to ban the sale of plastic water bottles replacing them with free water fountains. Plastic pollution in the sea is a very big problem in today’s society and this is just one thing that will make a huge improvement on the environment.

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