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JLDN esports: gaming and mental health, time trials Mario Kart


JLDN esports: gaming and mental health, time trials Mario Kart

On this week’s esports show the team examines how gaming can assist in coping with stress and anxiety, and how one student flipped the dating sim genre on it’s head. We also attempt a Mario Kart time trial, as well as bringing you the rundown on the latest Team Fortress 2 update

Broadcast: 24/10/17

Duration: 14:10


News editor: Lukas Gerve

Assistant editor: Hannah Crowe

Director: Sam Batty

Production assistant: Youness Rhout-Chahoub

Presenters: Meshanda Cyrus and Seb Maxam

Bulletins presenter: Louis Chant

Guest booker: Tobias Persson

Guest: Carlos Evans-Godoy


  • Mental health and gaming: JLDN’s Remeka Washington chats to LSBU students about how gaming allows them to cope with mental health issues.
  • Jungle Inferno: Team Fortress 2 has recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary – Louis has more on the latest update for the ever-popular shooter.
  • Featured game design student: Carlos Evans-Godoy joins our presenters this week to introduce his latest project, which he describes as a ‘reverse dating sim’.
  • Mario Kart: On the first time in our new time-trial segment, Seb attempts to record some blazing-fast laps in Mario Kart 8!
  • Game preview: More information on two of the most anticipated upcoming game releases from Seb.

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