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JLDN Radio – abortions, clocks changing, mental health wait times


JLDN Radio – abortions, clocks changing, mental health wait times

Broadcast: 27/10/2017

Duration: 15.10

This week on JLDN’s radio show we cover a wide range of stories ranging from Scotland allowing a pill for at home abortions, long waiting times for young people suffering mental health and more options for graduates as they decide to leave London. Also with the clocks changing this weekend we check out the benefits of having an extra hour of sleep!

  • News editor: Nicholas Newton
  • Assistant news editor: Alice Heather
  • Editorial assistant: Ralitsa Arabadzhieva
  • Web editor: Safiyah Bennington
  • Assistant web editor: George Timberlake
  • Presenter: Leanne Cresswell, Francisca Silva
  • Bulletins presenter: Liam Terry
  • Social media editor: Isla Russell

Mental health: Young people suffering from mental health problems are facing long waiting times and are receiving a poor service for the care they urgently need, according to the Care Quality Commission. We sent our reporters James Murray and Nicola Coaker to speak to students about the issue.

Graduates leaving: With the regions on the rise, it looks like there’s going to be more options for graduates than ever before. But, here at LSBU, it doesn’t look like London is going anywhere.

At home abortion pill available in Scotland: Scotland has become the first part of the United Kingdom to allow women to take the abortion pill in the comfort of their own homes. This comes fifty years to the day of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act which legalised abortion’s performed by medical professionals.

Clocks Changing: With the clocks going forward, JLDN Reporters, Moona Popal and Jacob Dickinson decided to investigate how people will spend the extra hour. More importantly whether it will be spent sleeping, which is now thought of as a luxury, as the amount of sleep Brits get have fallen drastically.

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