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LSBU accommodation has currently got unsteady power

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LSBU accommodation has currently got unsteady power

One of London Southbank University’s accommodation blocks has left students without electricity on and off for over a month, and still hasn’t been completely resolved.

McLaren House Halls is arguably LSBU’s best accommodation due to it being the most expensive, with students paying up to £199 a week for a room. However, some of the rooms students are paying for do not provide 24-hour electricity as their current keeps cutting out. Several residents have claimed that when their electricity cuts out overnight, their phone battery doesn’t charge and therefore their alarm doesn’t wake them up in time for University the next morning.

Angus Cunningham, a third-year student residing at McLaren has claimed his electricity has cut out 7 times since he moved in at the middle of September. He says that the technicians accused him of using too much power and even confiscated his fairy lights as they thought it was them using all the power. Leaving Cunningham outraged, he stated: “from this point on I decided to leave everything unplugged except my desk lamp for a day or two, and sure enough, the electricity went again and again, and they still haven’t solved the problem”.

As it has been happening for more than 4 weeks now, students are wondering when it will ever stop and are taking extra precautions such as buying different portable chargers. One particular block experiences the problem a lot, however there has not been a final fix to the electric system. Although the problem is reoccurring, McLaren’s maintenance makes sure to come and fix the electricity as soon as its reported by the resident. But of course, it leaves students absolutely furious when their TV cuts out during the results of The Great British Bake Off.

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