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Robot library for LSBU


Robot library for LSBU

Future LSBU students are in for a surprise. From as soon as next year they could be served by robots in the new Library on Borough Road

In an attempt to make the university’s campus part of the massively evolving neighbourhood of Elephant and Castle LSBU has launched plans to provide it’s students with a new 21st century learning space.

Since September 22, London South Bank University’s plans for a new transformed campus in St. George’s Quarter are open to view in a public exhibition. The plans include the creation of a library and Learning Resources Centre, including a fully-automated book storage and retrieval system, enabling students to order their books online and then have them drawn off the shelves by a specially designed robot ‘librarian’. This system is believed to make it easier and faster for students to get their hands on the desired study material.

Simone Patterson who has worked at the Student Help Desk for 3 years, said: “It is exciting news to hear about the new library, however I can’t help but feel slightly apprehensive about the idea of robots replacing human librarians. Technology can be great but can also be a nuisance. I imagine there will still be human presence required. “

Even though a new 21st century library might be an exciting new space for students to learn and meet, many are concerned about technology’s temperamental nature.

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