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Students worrying over workloads


Students worrying over workloads

With 71% of students feeling that work from university is one of their main sources of stress, we offer you some top tips on how to cope with workload, George Timberlake reports

With more than half a million people moving to university, the pressures of uni life is all real for first years. In particular the pressure of workload is prevalent amongst all students. Intensive timetables along with late nights all account for the pressure.

For students contact time with course lectures averages at 12 hours a week, with a large sum of a students work load being done through independent study making it up to 30 hours a week studying time. Two thirds of undergraduate students are satisfied with their contact hours. Pressure for first years to be social with their new flat and course mates, amounts with the pressure of workloads.

According to a Which survey 6% of first-years said they’d missed at least half of their lectures in their first term and 1 in 3 students said they would have definitely or might have chosen another course if they were to have their time again according to the Higher Education Policy Institute .

Our top tip from the Student Union president from LSBU Sodiq Akinade was: “enjoy it, with university being a once in a lifetime opportunity”.


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