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Ban on fast food meals for pupils in London

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Ban on fast food meals for pupils in London

(Pic: a tempting burger tempting for school children. Credit: Mali Maeder)

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan is getting ready to announce a total ban on fast food restaurants within reach of schools in London, Ralitsa Arabadzhieva reports.

As a part of the new draft London Plan, Sadiq Khan is preparing a new policy to prohibit fast food restaurants within 400 meters of London’s schools. With the increasing number of obesity cases among pupils in London, the mayor is also planning to introduce minimum healthy food standards for new restaurants.

New takeaway restaurants will also have to comply with a new health standard. They will have to forget about the traditional frying and begin baking or grilling their products instead.

Boroughs such as Islington and Barking have already taken measures in that matter, by controlling the takeaway restaurants close to schools.

Passerby’s outside Waterloo station, housing a McDonalds and popular stop for school pupils said: “So, I think it will be good for the younger kids growing up to have less of an option of fast food, so they have healthier options.”

“It’s down to the parents as well. If your kids are over-eating and keep them parents active, so you can’t expect everybody to shut down fast food places. 200 meters and the parents can do the rest.”

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