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Get on board with the Amazon bus


Get on board with the Amazon bus

Amazon is looking to partner with transport company GoAhead to ship your parcel to you on London’s famous red busses

Getting a package from Amazon is part and parcel of some people’s everyday lives but do you ever come to think of how these are delivered to you? They are now teaming with GoAhead to get your parcels delivered by the double decker busses all around London.

Why are they doing this you ask? Because there is an eye on reducing the congestion charges in the UK and to stop vans from clogging up the streets, this is just one way that can tackle congestion. GoAhead, one of the biggest bus operators in the country, have been discussing whether to open up depots for delivery hubs. There have been mixed views from members of the public about this plan. Some say: “it’s a nice concept but you’re still going to have a lot of traffic” whereas others say “it makes sense in relation to reducing the congestion because the busses are on the road anyway”.

Chief executive from GoAhead David Brown says: “we are always looking at ways to maximise assets and build new partnerships, including with logistics providers. Using our vehicles and depots to reduce congestion helps both our passengers and other road users”. He is making a point that if the busses are used for delivery it will stop the delivery vans from being on the road, which is making a radical proposal to reduce congestion.

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