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International Men’s Day at LSBU


International Men’s Day at LSBU

With International Men’s Day coming up on the 19th of November, our reporter Nicholas Newton takes a look at what South Bank staff and students are doing to raise awareness of men’s issues

What is LSBU doing to celebrate International Men’s Day? Nicholas Newton reports

International Men’s Day is designed to raise awareness of men’s issues, with campaigners seeking to bring up issues such as men’s lower life expectancy, higher rates of suicide and higher likelihood of death in the workplace.

Many at LSBU are working to ensure people take notice of the day.  Micheal Dean, 46, said: “This is so important, we need to create awareness of the different everyday tasks and jobs that men do, that can reduce their lives,” Shaun, 22, an LSBU Student added: “I feel like their are a lot of thoughts, that I don’t talk to people about, I bottle it up and keep it to myself,” This is certainly a common theme for a lot of men.

With International Men’s Day coming up, and Movember in full swing, there has been hope that progress in tackling these issues can be achieved. But campaigners still have a way to go to gain mainstream acceptance. Despite the best efforts of some LSBU men, the day is likely to pass without significant comment from many. When it was suggested in Parliament that time be set aside to discuss specifically men’s issues, Labour MP Jess Philips laughed in the face of Shipley MP Philip Davies, who was making the proposition and has spoken on television repeatedly decrying the campaign as “ridiculous”.

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