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The UK react in outrage at Trumps actions on twitter


The UK react in outrage at Trumps actions on twitter

(Photo Credit: Michael Vadon)

President, Donald Trump has sparked outrage and condemnation throughout the UK, for retweeting videos from far-right group Britain First, reports Charlie Wetton

Reading that Donald Trump has sent an offensive tweet is probably nothing new. But on Wednesday, he perhaps went a step further than ever before when he retweeted three unverified videos. They were originally posted by the far-right movement, Britain First. Originally founded by former members of the British National Party, it’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen posted the videos with an implied anti-Muslim bias.

One of the videos that was most controversial was posted with the tagline ‘VIDEO: Muslim migrants beats up Dutch boy on crutches!’ It was later revealed by the Dutch embassy in Washington however, that the boy in the video was not a migrant, but was in fact a Dutch citizen who was arrested and convicted of the assault.

Reaction in the UK was scathing of the President. The Prime Minister’s spokesman said that Trump was wrong to retweet the videos. The Home Secretary Amber Rudd, shared the sentiment but refused to accept calls from many MP’s that Trump’s state visit should be cancelled.

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