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Gaming guide for Christmas


Gaming guide for Christmas

A guide for the best games and the best deals this Christmas to ensure that you buy the best deals this Christmas

(Pic: Gaming infront of the TV, a popular activity for Christmas. Credit: Pexels

Christmas being just around the corner it is that time of year to start looking for gifts for one another one of the biggest industries at the festive time is gaming making around $116 billion this year a lone according an Newzoo article.  With the  gaming industry being so big it is hard to work what to be buying this Christmas.

I’m going to start with game console and their is two main one’s out their . The Xbox One X and the Playstation 4.  One of the biggest differences between these two and other is that they are 4K ready. This means that they are producing high quality games and a gamers experience that bit more exiting.  Their is also some great deals at the moment for the Xbox One X, as well. On they are selling the Xbox One X, plus FIFA 18 from £499.99. Prices are varying depending on what package you buy. As for the The Playstation 4 Pro, Tesco’s have a similar deal that is a bit more cheaper . The Playstation 4 Pro, plus FIFA 18 for £299.99.

There are also a lot of games that you can get for some great prices as well. Agros are selling Call of Duty World War II, for £47.99.  Star Wars Battlefront II being a popular game for this time for year can be bought on Ebay for £38.95. My only other piece of advice is to ensure that you check the seller review’s first, before buying off of Ebay.

I hope this makes finding that special something for that special someone a bit more easier and they enjoy opening their gifts on the big day.

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