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UK driving tests just got harder


UK driving tests just got harder

(pic: Driving students could struggle with this year’s change. Credit: Pexels)

As of December 4 the UK driving test is facing its biggest change up since the theory test was introduced in 1996, making the whole test a lot harder for young drivers, reports Moona Popal

So what’s changed? Certain manoeuvres such as, reversing around a corner which have been replaced with things like entering parking bays and more common manoeuvres and the independent driving section had been doubled to 20 minutes instead of 10.

One of the main changes to the test however, is that learners are being taught how to follow a sat nav and will have to prove that they are able to do this on their test, along with having to answer vehicle safety questions while driving.

The reason for all these changes is due to a lack of experience. Statistics show that young drivers are up to 7 times more likely to be killed or injured as a result of inexperienced driving, compared to drivers over 25.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) chief driving examiner, Lesley Young said: “The new test will help prepare new drivers for driving on modern roads and support a reduction in the number of young people killed or seriously injured.”

Kat Habibi, a young driver about to take her test, said: “I think it’s good because they have introduced the sat nav driving which makes you more independent, but I think it’s going to be difficult to show them you can follow directions while your driving, because you’re trying to drive well so you don’t get any faults and it might distract you, which I don’t think is that helpful.”

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