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Bromley couple have a very generous amigo


Bromley couple have a very generous amigo

(Pic: IVF treatment is a popular solution to those who have trouble conceiving. Credit: NHS)

A London couple are expecting after a long battle with pregnancy treatments after being accepted for a payday loan, Sidney Stanford reports

A couple from Bromley who have gone through a challenging fertility battle in order to conceive a child have had their prayers answered after finding out about the pregnancy after a final round of IVF treatment. The treatment, which varies in price for different people, came to £10,000 and the money was a payday loan from Amigo Loans.

Carolyn Lipczynski, 48, and her husband Michal, 34 had tried numerous amounts of different methods to naturally conceive a child and had previously spent £20,000 on IVF somewhere else. The NHS recommends “all reproductively challenged women under the age of 40 should have at least 3 different rounds of IVF treatment when trying to conceive.”

The money was loaned to the couple from payday loan company ‘Amigo Loans’ and guaranteed by Lipczynski’s father at a rate of 49.9 APR. This meant that over the course of 5 years, the £10,000 loan will escalate to £23,715.

The South London couple with a 14 year age difference are over the moon with the news of the baby. After having 2 ectopic pregnancies, the couple feared for the worst and they wouldn’t of been able to conceive naturally.

When speaking to Evening Standard, the expectant mother has stated: “I’ve got no regrets at all. If it wasn’t for the loan I wouldn’t be pregnant right now” she added: “when you get to my age it’s not about years, it’s about months. We were running out of time.”

Companies such as the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence, abbreviated as NICE, are set up to help couples find guidance in similar but equally tough situations.

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