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JLDN: Fake news


JLDN: Fake news

In today’s show our reporters cover the issue of ‘Fake News’ and how to spot it

The presence of Fake News in modern-day media and its effects on society, has been circling the news recently with Donald Trump supposedly coining the term. But Fake news has been around for Centuries dating all the way back to the 13th Century according to Wikipedia.

Fake News Explainer: Khaola Cherrak takes us through the history of Fake News stories and a statistical explanation on where it all began.

Students And Faculty: Our reporter Hannah Turner goes around the LSBU Campus asking students and faculty their opinions on what they personally define as Fake News.

Librarians: News editor Jordan Platt interviews Stephen Bowman and Kathy Neville from the LSBU faculty about upcoming classes students can take to better their understanding on Fake News.

TV Discussion: We had an audience of 40 people who joined in with our Fake News quiz and gave us an insight on what they personally thought


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