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London’s fashion and flair for Fashion Week


London’s fashion and flair for Fashion Week

(Pic: London Fashion week is one of the most popular global fashion events)

London hosts the next big event in the fashion scene with weeklong events and creative designer outfits, Liam Terry reports

The Capitol’s infamous and exciting city-wide phenomenon for fashion has been underway, boasting individualism and diversity as well as being a chance to show off creativity. The global fashion scene highly respects London and the shows it puts on – this year has been no different, with stunning and creative designs flooding down the catwalk.

This week there has seen some amazing shows, and we followed the Pam Hogg show in particular – with stellar performances and wear, coupled with an amazing opening and closure. The show started with live performance from Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, the room booming with her music and bringing the stage to life as the first suit of outfits pranced down the carpet – fitting for the Persian rug theme of the clothing. Many of these designs were outstandingly creative and very unique, as the show truly rocked the stage.

London’s fashion scene has also participated in LGBT+ month, with designs and patterns based on the flag of the same name, sporting etched and crotched colours  to go with the outfits, showing their support for the diversity of clothing and the models that wear them.

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