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The price of a student dating life


The price of a student dating life

Being single is a luxury that not everyone can afford. From the expenses of new clothing and accessories, to the ever – increasing ticket prices of theatres and cinemas, dating hits Brits’ pockets hard. Ralitsa Arabadzhieva reports

According to eHarmony’s recent survey in 2018 singles in Britain would spend the striking 96 million hours, and the astonishing £2 billion on bad dating. Yet, the waste of money and time seem to be the least concern here, as 16% of the surveyed reveal that how disheartened they are after a bad date, and 13% admit they even get to depression after such. In fact, 33% fear they would never find anyone compatible and 51% actually do not even expect to be dating this year. Finding the one nowadays is indeed very high – priced.

Following these revelations, we embarked on a quest to uncover how often students date, and just how dear it is to find the perfect match.

One student said: “So, I would say may be two dates in a month. I would say the first date is always the most important date and you get to see what the other person character is like the most. So, I wouldn’t spend too much money, I would say may be £30 on each date. Going for coffee if we really like each other a drink afterwards, ideally”.

Another student said: “I would say I go two to three in a week. So that’s probably eight, up to ten in a month and I probably spend about £30 on a date, so that’s probably £300 in a month. That’s a lot more than I thought it was”.

So, with the £30 students’ investment on a date, finding the one in harsh times like these it’s getting excessively costly for the average student’s budget.

Video: JLDN Reporter Rameka finds out about LSBU’s love life

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