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Top 10 countries to visit in 2018!


Top 10 countries to visit in 2018!

When talking about the perfect holiday destinations here are some places that are considered the ideal top getaways currently that you might keep in mind. These sunny choices of holiday destinations are going to have you dreaming of relaxing on the palmy beach’s and crystal clear oceans, Angela Ansari reports.

According to lonely planet the top site used to plan and create the perfect holiday experience, ranking the top 10 countries that are a must to go to at the moment so far in 2018. Starting off with Chile, located in South America.

Chile is beautiful in landscape with its open land and high snowy mountains, but Chile is not a cold country. With its clear blue sea and its ideal location, trying out any kind of water sport if you consider yourself to be an adventurous individual.

Coming at two is South Korea, highly praised for its rich culture and Asian modernity. Next in line is Portugal, with is vast history in art and culture Portugal is the perfect family destination. Forth on the list is Djibouti, in the process of being ripped between three diverging tectonic plates blessing the land with hot palm springs and the perfect couple’s relaxation spot. At five is New Zealand known for its incredible hiking spots its bound to have you attracting the active side within. Next is Malta with is deep history in Mediterranean architecture digging deep in the old ruins known in time. At seven comes Georgia known for its famous country game of chess you can indulge in a debatable game. Next comes Mauritius known for its yellow warm sandy beach’s that sink in to your feet when you walk along the endless shore with crystal clear waters where you can relax in the most luxurious resorts and enjoy lagoon cruises along the calming Indian ocean.

Next in line is China with its history in its beautiful culture China is known to have the fastest growing population in its public filled with the busy city life vibes you can enjoy shopping and roaming around the city and trying its delicious street food along the market places, it is also very popular around Chinese New Year. Filled with colours and fireworks it is the ideal holiday destination for someone looking for the ultimate cultured experience.

Finally, to top it all off comes in last South Africa. Outstandingly mesmerising in its wildlife and exotic culture South Africa is a holiday destination you definitely will not forget. Cape Town has been one of the world’s most alluring city’s. Its safaris are known to leave a memorable experience, looking over the sunset while the dusky sky’s turn a red and orange colour the night life experience is a whole new side to one of many eye-catching locations in South Africa. The absolute ideal holiday destination for all.

Though all the top ten countries are incredible in their own cultured societies each holiday destination is inspired by what is the 2018 must view locations in the world right now.

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