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Londoners transform the city into an emerald green wonderland on St. Patrick’s day


Londoners transform the city into an emerald green wonderland on St. Patrick’s day

(Two people celebrating St. Patricks Day. Photo Credit: Pexels)

St. Patrick’s Day hits London hard, as crowds take to the street to celebrate the Irish tradition, reports Emma Parker
Held on the 17th March, the Feast of Saint Patrick, or otherwise known as St Patrick’s day, is the most cultural and religious celebration for the Irish. Every year, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick is celebrated worldwide, including Londoners. Having the opportunity of getting together with friends and spending an endless amount of money on alcohol, St Patrick’s day is an unmissable event for people that live all over the world.

Saturday oversaw central London transform into a magical green land, as revellers took to the city streets and celebrated the Irish tradition. Participants were seen in fancy dress, expressing their outfits in various shades of Jade, Emerald, and mint green, as they made their way through London landmarks and finished at Trafalgar square.

The parade was even joined by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, award-winning actress Imelda Staunton and broadcaster Gloria Hunniford, as they led the parade in bright green scarfs, following thousands of other cheerful, yet cold citizens.

Ever since 2001, official celebrations for St Patricks Day have taken place in London, but this year the bitter cold temperatures didn’t stop the celebrations. Approximately 125,000 faced the climate in flamboyant outfits and seized the chance to be drinking Guinness or Irish Whiskey.

Nonetheless, the parade was not the only celebration that took place over the weekend. St Patrick’s Film Festival which took place at the Prince Charles Cinema and the London Film School, meant people got acquainted with Irish cinema, whilst indulging in traditional Irish food.

The festivities have still left people joyous in the air, but unfortunately now have to wait another year to take to the streets of London to celebrate one of the booziest weekends of the year.

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