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Worldwide online players enter a new era of gaming


Worldwide online players enter a new era of gaming

Gamers across the world sharply switched from the traditional gaming platforms to mobile ones, a research by Ukie shows, Ralitsa Ralcheva reports

According to Newzoo , there about two billion people worldwide playing games and almost half of those (43%) are mobile gamers. The other 57% of gamers are split equally between console and PC users.
However, while mobile and PC platforms have been entangled in a battle for consumer’s purchase worldwide in the last few years, home game consoles and handheld game consoles saw no difference what so ever in consumer interest.

In Britain, however, the picture seems to be exactly the opposite. More than half of the Brit players prefer rather consoles than mobile gaming, which represents only 28% of the market in the UK.
And still, even in the UK gaming applications hold nearly half (47%) the mobile market, according to a  Deloitte research. Brits spend more time playing games on their smartphones than mobile banking or reading the news. Free applications with in-app purchasing has conquered the mobile market in the UK with the striking 76%.

The President of Gaming society at London South Bank University, Adi Saudi said: “I play a lot mobile games cause I can play them in lectures without anybody noticing. But I do play a lot of console gaming at home. I own a range of consoles from multiple generations.”

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