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Uni job shops – helping students to find employment

LSBU student centre
LSBU student centre has a great job shop


Uni job shops – helping students to find employment

Summer is coming and many students are looking for jobs. If you are struggling then here is a guide to helping students to find jobs for the summer reports

With university coming to an end, many students will be looking for work and having a good CV is very important. So how do you make sure your CV stands out from the crowd? And what is needed to ensure that you make that lasting impression on an employer?

At LSBU Job Centre and other job shops in other universities there is a number of tools to help students find work. They have experts to give advice, build CVs, create cover letters and improve interview skills to maximise a students’ chances of getting a job.

We spoke to Renne Hankey who explained what they do to help students to to find jobs: “We are a job agency that works with students, graduates and alumni with work that can be related to their studies, or work in general to help get money. ” They are a useful tool to help students to find work.

What else can students do?

Indeed can be a useful tool – as well as for students to get jobs, they can help create contacts between an employee and an employer.  They have CV builders and can give a person many contacts to help create opportunities to find jobs around their local area. By simply putting a key and a postcode, students can look through hundreds of job and apply for a number of them, within hours. Another good tool for student can be LinkIn. Having a LinkIn profile can make looking for employment easier.

With a university job centre and Indeed I hope these tips are helpful for students looking for employment over the summer and looking while continuing with their degree.

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