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London pubs closing down – why and what can be done to stop this?

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London pubs closing due to cheaper alcohol in the shops Photo Credit: Garry Knight


London pubs closing down – why and what can be done to stop this?

Pubs seem to be closing down at an alarming rate however what seems to be the problem for the pub trade saying open in the City of London

A past time tradition for many people was to go to their local pub and enjoy a drink with their friends and family. However pub trade is dying, and more and more London locals are closing daily. But what is the problem?

In an article by The Guardian that sources information from The Real Ale Group, there are around 31 pubs are closing every week across the UK. With a large amount of pubs closing at an alarming rate, the main question is, why are the doors closing on so many pubs.

To investigate, we went to speak to Craig Livingston, the General Manager of The Crown and The Chairmen in Soho, London, who told us: “The competition is fast now. You’ve got your restaurant chain pubs that are killing it all and people’s habits.”

Wetherspoons pubs are the main pub/restaurant chain businesses, that are taking in more business, due to the closure of independent pubs. The large chain offers both food and drinks at a much cheaper price than most pubs. Other reasons people claim for the closures, seem to be the lack smoking areas in pubs.

Some of the ways Craig mentioned how to prevent local pubs from closing, is by doing theme nights. Doing theme nights, quiz nights and special deals on calendar events, such as Burns Night and Christmas, are a great way to keep business coming in on a regular basis.

The sad news is, it seems this threat of local pubs closing seems to be happening across the UK, not only in London. Unless alcohol and rent prices are reduced, and more people go back to the tradition of going to the pub for pint, this trend will continue.

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