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Bristol students partying too hard

Students in Bristol ate partying too hard.


Bristol students partying too hard

Bristol university students could face a fine of £100 for keeping neighbours up with loud partying

Residents of Bristol have been complaining of noisy neighbours as parties in shared houses get too loud.

The scheme held by the university means that each student could potentially end up getting fined if they are found to have done any wrongdoings.

If students are found out to reoffend they will face fines of up to £250, “and a charge of £50 to attend anti-social behaviour impact awareness sessions.

Another part of the scheme makes students sign “a contract agreeing to adhere to a code of conduct” as part of the enrolment process at the university which includes penalties for any breaches that are made.

Some students have suggested that if you’re going to have a party that is going to be loud that you should contact your neighbours in advance. Other students feel that the measures being taken are strict and steep.

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