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Does screen time have an effect on children’s sleeping patterns?


Does screen time have an effect on children’s sleeping patterns?

A study from Oxford University has now revealed that electronic devices have very little effect on the amount of time children sleep for.

This new data has been released in the light of older data which suggested that devices did have an impact on the length and quality of sleep. The relationship between screen time and sleep has been suggested as “extremely modest”.

The survey was conducted on data from a 2016 study on children’s health in the US, where parents were asked to complete surveys about their households.

The survey was based on two questions about the daily habits of children aged six months to 17 years: “how much time they spent on computers, mobile phones, handheld video games and other electronic devices” and “how much time they spent in front of a TV watching programmes and other content as well as playing video games”.

The research has revealed that those who used technology before bed only slept slightly less than those who didn’t. This was conducted with a sample size of more than 50,000 young people from every state in the US.

Recently big companies such as Apple and Google have recently released updates to their devices which allow people to monitor how much time is being spent on their screens. This has caused more people to become increasingly aware how much time is spent on their devices.

Debate still remains around the topic, despite the new research that has been released. With some technology executives taking a stance against screen time. Steve Job’s younger children were not allowed iPads despite his connection to the company and Bill Gates banned any of his children have phones until they were teenagers.

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