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How sport is improving female body image



How sport is improving female body image

How sport is improving female body image

Many years ago, it was a well known fact that the media and celebrities portrayed a specific image of what females “should” look like. Setting unrealistic goals of being a model-like weight is not only unrealistic for some body types, but also unhealthy.

In the past couple of years, there has been a huge shift in the way women are viewing female body image. There has been an increased interest in sports such as CrossFit and weightlifting in females, which has put a spotlight on strong women.

Women have begun taking pride in what used to only be identified with males sports. Muscle is no longer seen as masculine and this has not only improved female physical health, but also self confidence, self esteem and how they perceive their body.

Just like any other sport, CrossFit and weightlifting is heavily about setting and achieving your goals. As much as it is about the physical aspects, it’s also about your mental game.

Sports has helped develop and change the ideologies of feminine beauty, which has become more about self confidence and how strong you feel both physically and mentally, rather than how the media portrays how a woman “should” be.

Today is International Woman’s Day, where the world comes together to celebrate women and all their accomplishments and strengths. Women’s rights have come incredibly far and in some way sports has helped them evolve and grow physically and mentally.


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