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Creative Technologies End of Year Show


Creative Technologies End of Year Show

Creative Technologies End of Year Show

As the academic year has come to an end we’ve taken some time to congratulate our creative technologies with our final end of year show. Over the course of evening we will be celebrating the accomplishments of our photography, digital design, visual effects and sound design students, all broadcasted live from elephant studios by our very own journalism students.

While treating ourselves to a well earnt drink, our JLDN reporters will be giving us an insight into the content our fellow students have created over the three years they have spent at London Southbank University. During the evening there will be interviews from our Dean of Creative Industry’s and Journalism Course Director LJ Filotral. We’ll also be chatting to our third year students, as well as a tour of the works on show, while showcasing a handful of the journalism projects.

“For two years now London Southbank has been voted as the best university of graduation employment and last year our journalism course was voted number one for graduation employment. Your career in the industry will be a zig zag, you need to remember that it is a journey to end up in the jo you want to do.” Janet Jones, Dean of Arts and Creative Industry’s.

Hopefully for all our students graduating this year and for others approaching the same position, Janet’s message will remain with you and the best of luck to all our students here at LSBU.

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Please watch our Live Stream below! Or give our curated highlights a go.

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