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The Fortnite Phoenix rises from the ashes

The Fortnite Phoenix rises from the ashes

Fortnite is a big hit for epic games, and a stunt like the black hole event has reinvigorated the game
and allowed for change to keep the format fresh and interesting not only for existing players, but
more accessible to new players.

The new chapter of Fortnite, launched on Tuesday, has come with a new re-designed map and new
weapons for players to use.

The black hole event had players concerned about the future of the franchise, however the use of
said stunt has looked to have had a positive effect as it has intrigued players to clamour and feel
more likely to continue to play the game with any new features being introduced in this new chapter
of Fortnite.

The battle royale genre of games has become incredibly popular in the last 2 years and with a key
feature being that these games are free to play, making up revenues with in game purchases and
purchase of in game purchases.

Fornite has tapped into this market and continues to be a leading player in the free to play gaming
market alongside other games including PUBG and Apex legends.

Fortnite has a player base of around 250 million players worldwide and makes a monthly revenue of
$300 million dollars, and a stunt like this could’ve damaged the games potential future earnings.

However, some gamers are still perplexed by the event and questioned whether this black hole
event has influenced the overall game and if it will serve to make the game more enticing to not only its existing players but also new players as well.




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