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Young person’s podcast call launched in LSBU’s newsroom and News-Decoder event at LSBU


Young person’s podcast call launched in LSBU’s newsroom

Young person’s podcast call launched in LSBU’s newsroom

LSBU students are being encouraged to put on their thinking caps and start pitching ideas to and News-Decoder’s third season of their podcast ‘The Kids Are Alright’.

and by Jada Scott

Picture caption: and News-decoder podcast event L-R: Michael Kosmides, Camilla Byk, Georgina Blackwell, Jada Scott, Ellie Clifford, Alexandra Gray.

November 8, 2019 a call for youth podcasters was launched after an event took place at London South Bank University’s newsroom. Two organisations Podium.Me and News-Decoder held the event in celebration of the launch of Season 2 of their joint podcast ‘The Kids Are Alright’. is a platform encouraging young people to get out of their comfort zone, ask questions about the world they live in and engage with the media in a way that is accessible for someone aged 15-25.

In 2018, they partnered up with News-Decoder, an educational news service for young people, teaching them journalistic skills for them to become better Global Citizens and appreciate different perspectives.

The event saw the audience listen to two episodes: Episode 2: The Environment and Animal Agriculture and Episode 3: Venezuelan Crisis, followed by an interactive feedback session with the audience to gauge ideas for the next season.

Season 2 of ‘The Kids Are Alright’ podcast consists of 5 episodes, which have reporters spread out in 5 different regions of the world, the United States & Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, China and Africa. Gray accentuated the need for multicultural reporters expressing, “We really wanted to focus on this global outlook and have voices from different regions.”

Sound Editor Ellie Clifford presented some tips and tricks to those wishing to get involved with podcasts, saying to JLDN that “Good sound really makes a podcast” and that using natural sound can be really effective.

Clifford stressed that you don’t need a fancy mic and the proper set up to record a podcast. “Use your iPhone, don’t be afraid to go up to someone and ask if you can use your phone for an interview … practice doing ones with your friends. You can’t get better until you do it.” “Listen to other podcasts, find a podcast you like the sound of and created a scaled-down version of it”.

Speaking on the partnership, project manager Alexandra Gray told JLDN,  “When we started this content partnership, it was really to allow students within the podium and news-decoder network, to go out and about and do this research and reporting, but also be able to utilise podiums terrific audio expertise in putting together this podcast.”

Executive producer Camilla Byk expressed that “The 10 years between 15 and 25 are incredibly formative, you’re working out who you are, what your interests are, you haven’t yet decided perhaps on your career but it’s a time to explore.” On discussing the particular age-range selection, she continued,  “Those are the young people who need that step up onto the career ladder and we can provide experience that can then go on their CVs and help them to get a job at the end of it.”

The two agree that its podium’s ‘no selection, no rejection’  policy that makes them stand out from the other platforms.

Work on season 3 of the podcast begins in early 2020 and producers have stressed their plans for “Big global issues led by young people”. A global call has been launched for people all around the world to pitch ideas and get involved with LSBU students at the forefront of their pitch.

To get involved with Season 3 of ‘The Kids Are Alright’ podcast, email Camilla Byk at

Journalism student studying at LSBU in London. Researching and reporting on stories that are important to you!

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