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Student voting- Brexit annoyance and looking to the future


Student voting- Brexit annoyance and looking to the future

Student voting- Brexit annoyance and looking to the future

With a general election in 4 weeks, the population is ready to go to the polls. 

A recent survey has been carried out by the Higher Education policy institute. 

Moreover, it found that more than half of students asked said that they would vote tactically at the upcoming election. 

Additionally, Brexit has been mentioned as a key reason why students are choosing to vote tactically. 

With 75% commenting that they believe Brexit will have a negative impact on their futures, in terms of jobs, housing and education. 

71% of students admitted that Brexit was a concern and have a possible influence on their voting intention. 

However, the survey was carried out before the election was called. 

University lecturers have helped the student vote by giving time to students to register to vote. 

Student voting in 2017 was a big factor in gaining key seats for the Labour party. 

These included gains in Canterbury and Portsmouth South. 

In light of this, this election is key for the student vote as it determines the next government, as it could have an effect on the futures of students and detrimental effects for the economy.  

Moreover, voting is a democratic right and this election offers students a chance to make their voices heard. 

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