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Chocolate challenge launched to raise heart research money


Chocolate challenge launched to raise heart research money

Chocolate challenge launched to raise heart research money

Enjoy the taste of your favourite chocolate bar while you can, March 1st will mark the end of chocolate consumption for many people in the country.

The British Heart Foundation has encouraged us to give up on our favourite guilty pleasure.

Dechox” – contraction of ‘chocolate’ and ‘detox’ – is a nationwide challenge to give up on chocolate throughout March and raise funds for our life-saving research into treatments for heart and circulatory diseases.

Anything with cocoa in it is off-limits for thirty-one days, from the sprinkles on your cappuccino to chocolate bars.

Gaia, who participated to the Dechox challenge in 2018 said, “My granddad passed away because of a heart problem and I was his only granddaughter at the time, which means he would have been very proud of me if he had known how far I’ve gone in life. I’m doing Dechox so that other granddads can enjoy more time with their granddaughters.”

If you are not sure if you would be able to stay away from chocolate for a whole month, Dechox gives you three good reasons to take part in the challenge:

  • For your health: That great taste comes at a price – lots of sugar and fat, not ideal for your health! A Dechox could help you kick start some healthier habits.
  • For the challenge: The satisfaction of completing Dechox could be a reward in itself – especially if you’re competing with family and friends!
  • For the cause: Every donation you raise, no matter the amount, helps to power our life-saving research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Are you up the challenge?

If we convinced you to go choc-free this March click here to sign up!


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