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A message from JLDN journalists


A message from JLDN journalists

A message from JLDN journalists

JLDN’s young journalists have detailed their stories surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.
Georgina Blackwell, who had been studying abroad before the crisis, has created a video sharing the experiences and wishes of her peers:
“Everything is going to be okay.”

What is the latest?

There have been 2,352 deaths in the UK from 29,474 confirmed cases as of April 2nd, 2020.

These figures mean that the UK has the 7th most deaths by country in the world, with Italy and Spain having 13,155 and 10,003 deaths respectively.

The number of global infections is set to reach a million within days, according to the World Health Organisation.

The economic effects of the pandemic are clear as nearly 950,000 people in the UK have applied for Universal Credit within the last fortnight.

For more information on Coronavirus, go to to the NHS website, whilst details of the new Government measures can be found on

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