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It’s April fools day – yet it’s still not a joke


It’s April fools day – yet it’s still not a joke

It’s April fools day – yet it’s still not a joke

‘’People are playing with other people’s lives“

The World Health Organisation declared a pandemic over a new virus.

Miryam Rafo, a student studying at London South Bank University told how it felt being away from her home in Sweden during this difficult time,

“When the coronavirus happened and started to spread all over the world, I didn’t know what to do.”

Like Miryam, many students were living in London during their time at university. In order to get back to their home countries, they had to act fast,

“ I was so afraid that the borders would close, or anything worse happening. I decided to go back to my family because I feel safer with them…but it was a really, really hard time for me.”

A group of London South Bank University students came together to produce a video each spreading the message of “One Word One Nation” to bring people together.


Frustration has been expressed towards those who choose to treat this increasingly serious situation as a joke.

People of all professions all around the world have been affected. Students preparing for their GCSE’s and A-level exams now remain uncertain of when they may sit them. University students looking graduate this year also must  wait until the all clear is given that it is once again safe to go outside.

A mother of 2 who wished to remain anonymous stated,

“It makes me very angry that some people don’t take this pandemic seriously. People are playing with other people’s lives, we spread it. We shouldn’t be taking any risks.”

Some people have chosen to have a positive outlook labelling the tie period as ‘historic’. They have taken to social media to share ideas on how to keep themselves entertained, occupied and positive.

Mothers behave turned to groups to share ideas on how to keep their children up to date with school work and arts and crafts.


On December 31 last year, several cases of the new virus were alerted to WHO, the symptoms were similar to that of pneumonia. Following these cases, China suspected the viral infection to be similar to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) which killed up to 770 people in the years 2002-2003.

On January 7, it had been announced that this virus was in fact a new kind, which was later named COVID-19.

The deaths rates began to escalate quickly and by the end of January, up to 2, 714 people were infected. By February, the death rate in China had now surpassed the deaths caused by the SARS epidemic.

WHO declared the Coronavirus a global emergency in the space of a month.

By March, countries all around the world began to report cases of COVID-19. Borders were being shut and citizens were now being urged to return home as quickly as possible.


As the government continues to urge the public to remain indoors, the severity of the situation must not be forgotten.

To ensure you are keeping yourself and your family safe, take all necessary measures. If you experience any symptoms you fear are similar to that of the virus visit: If you are experiencing high levels of anxiety during this time also visit:



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