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Change of tone due to Covid-19


Change of tone due to Covid-19

Change of tone due to Covid-19

With the death toll of Covid-19 at 36,393, there have been pressure put on the UK government as to what is to happen about the current circumstances.

The Coronavirus pandemic has lead to the UK being on lock down, with non essential shops being closed and limitations put on spending time outside. This has brought a shift of tone from government officials including Boris Johnson.

Closed shops due to lockdown

The shift from nudge to compulsion messaging has been evident since the death toll increased. However, it has also lead to a lack of clarity as to what is acceptable in terms of spending time outdoors. As Government website says to stay at home as much as possible. Yet the prime minister has said that people are now able to drive to areas.


I spoke to people on whether they thought that there was enough clarity on what they can and cannot do during the lock down.

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