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Student renters left “treading water” during Covid-19 pandemic

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Student renters left “treading water” during Covid-19 pandemic

Students take up over 10% of renters in Central London

Student renters left “treading water” during Covid-19 pandemic

A renters’ charity has warned that London landlords are failing to help student tenants struggling to pay rent during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many peoples’ incomes have been cut because of corona virus. Self-employed workers and furloughed staff are all suffering reduced pay or no work altogether.

A survey by Generation Rent found that 60% of London renters who approached their landlords for a relaxed rent payment system were told they had to pay the full amount, with a high number of these renters being students.

Despite the government banning evictions until late June, rent payments are still expected to be paid in full after the crisis.

A report by the New Economics Foundation think tank has found that universal credit is not enough to provide the necessary safety net for tenants during the crisis.

Britain’s biggest tenants’ unions (Acorn, Living Rent and the London Renters Union) have spoken out to demand that the government suspends all rents immediately, cancels all rent debts and puts in place better measures against evictions.

I spoke to student renters around London on whether they felt supported by their landlords and confident in the government’s recent decisions regarding renters.

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