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University Through a Pandemic: How will Graduates Find Employment?


University Through a Pandemic: How will Graduates Find Employment?

University Through a Pandemic: How will Graduates Find Employment?

With unemployment already at an all-time high because of the COVID-19 pandemic, university graduates are struggling to find jobs. 

Students are struggling to find jobs after leaving university during the pandemic.

The massive shock of the coronavirus pandemic has caught the world by surprise. 

The unexpected shutdown measures and lockdown restrictions have caused for the global economy to plummet, and for employers to hire less people, especially in entry level positions. 

One of the largest groups affected by the unemployment crisis caused by COVID-19 is students looking for jobs after graduation. 

After paying full price for university, while having to complete it online, new graduates are in a position where jobs are scarce, causing them to take whatever they can get. 


Research by the Keep Britain Working Job Index has shown that positions for apprenticeships have lowered 34%, and jobs available to graduates are 80% lower than at the beginning of the year in 2020. 

Jobs are difficult to come by for university graduates, and COVID-19 has caused fierce competition between job seekers. 

As well as struggling to find jobs, graduates are also faced with the fees they had to pay while at university. 

Many students are demanding refunds, because they have been forced to complete their courses online, instead of in-person. 

Students were denied access to the majority of the resources that make paying for university worthwhile. 

According to the BBC, one graduate faces the fact that he may graduate with only three hours of face-to-face teaching on his history degree this year. 

Many students paying £9,250 per year for university do not find it worth it in today’s online and restricted conditions, and are demanding refunds or reduced tuition.

Article by: William Boardman

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