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Those vaccinated are “incredibly safe” to meet indoors, but are not allowed just yet


Those vaccinated are “incredibly safe” to meet indoors, but are not allowed just yet

Those vaccinated are “incredibly safe” to meet indoors, but are not allowed just yet

England’s Deputy chief medical officer, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, has said that it is “incredibly safe” for two people to meet indoors after their two Covid vaccine doses.


Although it is safe, ministers are not allowing it because they want to ease restrictions for every person in the UK at once.


Van-Tam urges people to wait a “teeny bit longer” for all social interactions to resume.


Current rules in Britain allow six people to meet up outdoors, or at outdoor services like bars or restaurants.


Indoor meetups are still banned, even for those who have been vaccinated – excluding support bubbles.

The rules differ to America, in which vaccinated Americans can be mask-less outdoors, except in large venues. They can also meet up without restrictions with other vaccinated people.


The government rules are still in place for those vaccinated whilst younger people await their Covid vaccines, as vaccinations move on to those aged over 42.


Health Secretary, Matt Hancock said: “The decision we’ve taken is to move together, that’s what the road map does.”


Hancock had his first coronavirus vaccine today in London’s Science Museum. He said it was a “privilege to get my first jab within the historic walls of the Science Museum in London.” 


Prof Van-Tam administrated the vaccination. Van-Tam graduated in medicine in 1987 and spent five years in clinical medicine, therefore he is definitely not new to clinical work.


“Over 47 million doses have now been administered across the country thanks not only to hundreds of hospitals, GP clinics and pharmacies but to incredible sites like this that have volunteered their unused spaces,” Hancock said.


The vaccinations remain on track to reach the target of all those over 18 to be offered a first dose of the vaccine by the end of July.


This is after nearly 34 million people in the UK have had their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.


By Mya Bailey

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