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A slice of Italy in London


A slice of Italy in London

A slice of Italy in London

An Italian market and food hall has recently opened its doors not far from Liverpool Street station and is already leaving a lasting impression on locals.

Photo: Italian Market Food Hall Credit: JLDN Reporter

Italian food and culture have become a staple in the everyday life of many Brits. From buying a spag boll to ordering a pizza for a lazy night in or a party, Italian cuisine is enjoyed by many here in the UK.

And now, there is an authentic Italian food hall and market that is offering Londoners the opportunity to try a real taste of Italian cuisine. 

The images in this article, are of the freshly opened Eataly.

Photo: Italian Food Hall now open. Credit: JLDN reporter

Eataly, a chain founded in the United States, opened its doors in London, Broadgate Circle on the 24th of April. The title “Eataly”, a combination of the words ‘Eat’ and ‘Italy, provides a pretty self-explanatory way of what this store has to offer. 

The London market has more than 5,000 products sourced from Italy, making it a huge success amongst visitors, as Italian home cooking has been made easier.

Eataly sells everything from fresh pasta, fresh bread and freshly made desserts in the ‘Via del Dolce’, translated as ‘The Sweet Spot’. 

As well as being recognised for its delicious produce in America, Eataly has a bulk refill section which makes it the first packaging-free Eataly ever opened. 

“Since we opened, we’ve seen an amazing response from the city of London. We had many people in through the door, so many reservations on the terrace,” stated Lucy Chase-Gardener, the marketing manager of Eataly.

One happy customer, Andreas Garantziotis,  wrote online: “Finalmente qui! We have been long waiting for Eataly. All your favourite Italian products await you there. We had dinner in la terrazza be and it was great. Pasta and pizza especially. Really lucky all the Londoners!”

Despite the long queues, which were expected as the opening was very anticipated, the excitement from locals and Italians was worth the wait. It seems that almost all products and services lived up to the expectations.

Adelina Radu wrote: “Extensive range of Italian goodies. From sweets to wine (the largest selection of Italian wine I’ve seen) and everything in between. Fresh cheese, meat and pasta. It’s worth a visit even if you’ve been to other Eataly shops abroad. I found the London one to be nicer than the ones in New York.”

With all the hype surrounding Eataly, it is definitely worth a visit especially if you are in London.

By Ellie Foakes

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