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Billie Eilish’s British Vogue cover inspires body positivity


Billie Eilish’s British Vogue cover inspires body positivity

The Grammy-Award winning artist, who is known for her green hair and baggy clothes has debuted a new look. This has caused women to talk more openly about their bodies.

Photo: Billie Eilish’s new instagram picture. Credit: @billieeilish

In the recently revealed, June issue of British Vogue, the 19-year-old is dressed in a custom corset and skirt by Gucci, white gloves by Atsuko Kudo, and is donning her new blonde hair. 

Eilish came up with the idea for the photoshoot – which pays homage to the classic pin-up looks from the olden days, in an effort to call attention to the recurring event of women being sexualised for showing their skin.

Billie Eilish is quoted in the cover line of the magazine as saying “it’s all about what feels good to you,” which she emphasises in the magazine article. 

The Vogue cover went viral instantly and fans began speculating what Billie Eilish’s new look could really mean. 

Many fans found a positive message in the cover shoot and interview. They pointed out that Eilish previously chose to dress modestly and that it’s her decision if she wants to dress differently – retaining control over her image regardless. 

One fan wrote, “Billie’s reasoning behind her clothing choices as a child (not wanting to be sexualised) is particularly touching. This cover is truly a special moment for her and a great job was done by British Vogue in allowing her to have her POWER moment”.

‘Billie Eilish Vogue photos’, ‘Billie Eilish lingerie’ and ‘Billie Eilish sexuality’ are current breakout search terms on Google Trends.

Photo: Billie Eilish with green hair. Credit: Lars Crommelinck Photography. Flickr.

In the interview, she discussed her latest release ‘Your Power’, a song about an abuser exploiting a child. Stating it’s a ‘call to action’ against people who take advantage of others. 

Eilish told the magazine that she didn’t know of any girl or women who hadn’t had a “weird experience, or at least a really bad experience being sexualised.”

In a separate interview with Calvin Klein in 2019, she revealed that her signature style was driven by a desire to avoid being perceived by the world.

The cover shoot, however, didn’t appeal to everyone. Though the point of this new look was to demonstrate how Billie was retaining creative control over her image by choosing to dress differently, some fans did not see that and instead accused her of ‘selling out’ and ‘dressing more provocatively’. 

Photo: Billie Eilish’s new look on Vogue. Credit @billieeilish

“I liked Billie Eilish when she wasn’t as sexual, you don’t need to show your body off just to feel free,“ said Rachel, a fan on Twitter. 

“She wants to avoid the male gaze but dresses exactly in a way men want. Lingerie isn’t even comfortable- just makes women look like a man’s sex toy,” tweeted another fan. 

“After coming out of a lockdown, and seeing Billie Eilish’s Vogue Cover – it’s exactly what the world needed to see. Baggy sweatpants or sexy lingerie, we still own and need to love our bodies!” Said one Twitter user. 

By Ghizlan Mezian

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