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Hundreds of women accuse police officers of domestic abuse


Hundreds of women accuse police officers of domestic abuse

Hundreds of women accuse police officers of domestic abuse

In the UK more than 100 women have accused police officers of domestic abuse, claiming ‘boys club’ culture, investigation reveals. 

Channel 4’s investigation that aires on the 18th May, has revealed that one woman every week is coming forward to report police officers for abusing them or their children. Channel 4 states that “at least 129 women have approached the Centre for Women’s Justice (CWJ) since 2019 with claims of being raped, beaten, and coerced by their police officer spouses and partners”, and said, “police failed to investigate their own”. 

Photo: Woman in distress. Credit: Wikimedia

According to the British broadcaster, 14 women accused detectives of failing to investigate their own police officers. 

Within the investigation, it details how they spoke to some victims who said that: “they felt they had been silenced as they blamed a boys club culture of cover-ups” and how there was a “failure by detectives to investigate their own officers.” 

In response to this news, The Home Office said: “it expected allegations of domestic abuse by police officers to be investigated thoroughly and appropriate action taken”. But figures released by Channel 4, show that “police accused of domestic abuse are a third less likely to be convicted than the general public”. 

David Gilbertson, the Former Scotland Yard Deputy Assistant Commissioner, said he believed, “in terms of scale, police officer perpetrated domestic abuse was an epidemic that must not be minimised”. 

He added: “I know of cases where officers who were attached to Domestic Violence Units actively searched out vulnerable women for sexual gratification and in order to gain access to their children for sexual purposes”. 

Photo: Photograph illustrating fear. Credit: Wikimedia.

One victim (who hasn’t been named), allegedly reported the rape and domestic abuse to the police force where her (now ex) partner used to be based in the Child Protection Unit, however, he denied the claims and instead stated that “there was insufficient evidence to proceed.” 

Speaking to Channel 4 she said: “It’s a boys club. Police are supposed to be there to be trusted and they’re not. I can’t trust them.” 

The Centre for Women’s Justice has now reportedly submitted a “super-complaint” to police watchdogs in order to get this problem known. As well as this, a ‘CrowdJustice page that has been set up which is said to “hold police officers who abuse women to account”, has received over £6,000 in donations so far. 

By Paris Tundervary


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