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Under 40s will be given alternative to AZ vaccine


Under 40s will be given alternative to AZ vaccine

Under 40s will be given alternative to AZ vaccine

Most adults under their 40s will be offered an alternative vaccine to the Oxford-AstraZeneca due to the links with rare blood clots.

As the rates of Covid-19 continue to slow down and the number of new cases found is decreasing, the JCVI is strongly advising that all adults under 40 without serious health conditions are offered an alternative to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. 

There is said by the UK’s medicines safety regulator that there have been over 200 clotting cases and over 40 deaths.

The advice comes from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), as they have reviewed the growth and speed of COVID-19 protection vaccines in the UK and have tracked the latest figures on rare blood clots. This is after the first doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines caused for concern. 

It is unlikely that there will be a significant surge in hospitalizations and deaths, due to the progress of the vaccination program and the case rates continuously decreasing.

This has led medical experts to take a more precautious approach to avoid further blood clotting and the new dosing is to be used on 30-to 39-year-olds by offering the Pfizer/BioNTech or NIH/Moderna vaccines when available.

Health experts are emphasizing finding the balance between risks from COVID and the benefits of the jab. The JCVI has stated that that the risks of people suffering blood clots after having the AZ jab are extremely small. 

They’ve also stated while the infection rates decline across the country, the risk of serious illness with COVID-19 has also reduced for younger people. 

As long as it does not delay the course of vaccinations, the younger groups of people who are not a high priority at this current time will be offered an alternative to AstraZeneca where possible, as there are other vaccinations currently available in the UK.

It seems as if this vaccination will continue to see progress as it is said that the vaccinations have estimated to have already saved 10,000 lives in the UK.


By Asha Ahmed.


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