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BREAKING: New Delta strain found in Australia.

BREAKING: New Delta strain found in Australia.


  • Epidemiologist Catherine Bennett said it’s possible variant originated in NSW
  • She said there was nothing to suggest the strain would be better or worse
  • NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said new Delta strain has been found

A new strain of the Delta Variant has been found in NSW in Austrailia. the states cheif health officer Dr Kerry chant confirmed today that the new form had been found in eight covid-infected residents.

Seven of the eight cases are from the same family, the family showed the same type of symtoms as the standard delta strain.

One of austrailias top doctors has said that investigations into the new strain are ongoing but inital reports show that it is more dangerous than the original delta form.

Dr Chant says there is no evidence that this new strain presents any differences regarding transmission.

The news came as the state recorded 646 new covid cases and 11 deaths with the virus.

Three of the people had recieved their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination and one had recieved both.

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