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Beloved Winter Wonderland Park Returns after Pandemic Hiatus.


Beloved Winter Wonderland Park Returns after Pandemic Hiatus.

Beloved Winter Wonderland Park Returns after Pandemic Hiatus.

Finally, after the previous year’s cancellation of the annual Hyde Park event due to the COVID-19 tightened restrictions on public events, the Winter Wonderland festivities continue in time for Christmas!

The reopening of the Winter Wonderland event allows for families in the UK to finally enjoy the festive spirit of Christmas together after the difficult and anxious December restrictions of 2020, which left many families, who wanted to celebrate Christmas after a difficult year, disheartened.

“After a year off it’s exciting to be back! It’s exciting to see who comes this year – especially after the problems last year… it’s nice to feel festive again!”

Home to the largest outdoor ice-skating rink in the UK with over 100,000 lights forming a glistening atmosphere in the winter nights. The Winter Wonderland street food village contains a variety of iconic Christmas food and drinks selection from beloved treats like mulled wine to gingerbread – or head over to the ‘Bar Ice’, which lives up to its name by being constructed and decorated by solid ice – serving a mixture of ice-cold cocktails to enjoy.

The range of live entertainment throughout the day is staggering and will be sure to keep you entertained for hours. Live DJ sets and bands and the return of Zippo’s Circus performance are just a few of the live events to visit during your stay at the park. Winter Wonderland is also home to traditional funfair games and attractions. In the park, are intense roller coasters and Ferris wheels, with Christmas themed variants like the ‘Ice Mountain’ roller coaster ride or the ‘Snow Jet’ ride are guaranteed to supply your gleeful thrills. 

Front entrance of the intense ‘XXL’, one of many great rides to choose from!

Visitors from around the world as well as the UK find themselves enchanted by Winter Wonderland’s joyous adventures and attractions. One attendee from the USA described why they were charmed by the event by saying “I think what makes it magical is the rides, the food, the decorations – We don’t have anything like this back in the States so it’s really cool to see something of this size and have everyone come together around it, it’s really special…”

Located in Hyde Park, people are able to visit Winter Wonderland for six joyful weeks of celebration and entertainment, from the 19th of November to the 3rd of January, So plenty of time to plan your journey and buy a ticket. Due to the popularity of the event, ticket prices range from the time of day you want to attend, with peak hours going up to £8.50 a ticket. Tickets must be pre-purchased online as a safety measure to ensure the park and entry line is not overcrowded which may produce a public health risk. Be sure to hurry – as many slots in December are filling up!

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