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Oh Oh Oh! Winter Wonderland’s Gates Finally Reopen After A Year Off.


Oh Oh Oh! Winter Wonderland’s Gates Finally Reopen After A Year Off.

The way to wonderment.

Oh Oh Oh! Winter Wonderland’s Gates Finally Reopen After A Year Off.

The Christmas bells jingled to officially start the festive season. Listening to the same Christmas songs for the umpteenth time or wear your favourite festive funny jumper can be part of those things we do to get into the jolly spirit. However, walking around Winter Wonderland sounds like a better idea, don’t you think? 

– – –

After a tough year between lockdowns and restrictions, the Christmas spirit is back stronger than ever before with Winter Wonderland’s reopening. Good news for every Christmas lover, you will finally be able to spend a wonderful time with your loved ones and friends from today until January 3rd.


– – – 

The wait is finally over! The royal park of Hyde Park in London lights up again to make you dream after a year off because of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Consequently, Winter Wonderland staff members and stallholders are thrilled to see the festive event returns for its first time since 2019. 

“It’s exciting to be back, especially after the problems from last year. It’s nice to feel festive again with the people of London town!” 

– – –

Used to show the different prices to access the fair The fifteenth edition introduced noticeable changes. In fact, in order to access the site, visitors are expected to pre-book and pay their tickets ranging from £5 to £8.5 pounds to keep everyone safe. The tickets’ cost will depend on peak times. Admission will be free at off peak-times. Booking can be done on the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland website. 

– – –

As you enter this mythical world, you will be immediately transported into a place where all your fantasies could become reality for the little ones and those who stayed young at heart. Indeed, you will be surrounded by two hundred rides, attractions, games, and food and drinks offerings.

Used to show an example of the chalets you can find within the fair

One of Winter Wonderland’s charming chalets selling cold and hot beverages to warm you up.

“I’m most excited to get some mulled wine or hot chocolate. Also pretending we’re not adults for a bit that would be just fantastic!”

For those who wish to stay grounded, you could put ice skates on and step onto the biggest outdoor rink in the UK, illuminated with more than one-hundred-thousand lights. On the contrary, the most reckless could attempt a ride upon one of the several rollercoasters lined-up in the park. 

– – – 

On top of that, you will finally be able to stroll again through the alleys perfumed with mulled wine and gingerbreads of its winterly festive village. Winter Wonderland’s atmosphere makes it the longest-awaited Christmas attractions in London.  


“I think what makes it magical is the rides, the food, the decorations.. We don’t have anything like this back in the States. So it’s really cool to see something of this size and have everyone come together around it. It’s really special.” 

– – –

Embracing the Christmas spirit never felt so right. People are willing to dream and dive into the most wonderful time of the year.

So, have your tickets ready and be prepared to be taken off to Santa’s comforting land. Winter Wonderland is waiting eagerly to fill its visitors’ eyes with full of stars.

Rumours say that Mr Claus is waiting for you in his grotto to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Used in order to have a night perspective of the fair

Even more beautiful at night.                                © Copyright Christine Matthews and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


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