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Police track Southwark sex attacker using rented bike


Police track Southwark sex attacker using rented bike

A Southwark sex attacker has been jailed, after police tracked his
getaway on a rental bike.

In January, Christion Wright (28) from Nelson Square followed and
sexually assaulted a woman in St James’s Park in central London.

When she managed to break free from him, he made his getaway
on a rented Santander bicycle.

Detectives from the Met were able to track Wright’s journey using
closed circuit television footage and they found CCTV film of him
returning the rented bicycle to a docking point at Lower Marsh, near Waterloo Station.

A DNA test then showed Write was responsible for a second sexual
assault in February on a woman on a train at Waterloo station.


Detectives tracked the offenders hire bike








Met detectives used technology to track sex offender

The Met’s Detective Constable Henh Ban Song praised his
colleagues based at Charing Cross police station for their use of
technologies including the CCTV network, money and bank account
analysis and DNA matching to identify and convict the offender.

Wright pleaded guilty to both sexual assaults at Southwark Crown
Court late last year. He has now been sentenced to three years
and eight months’ imprisonment. He will also be placed on the sex
offenders’ register for life.

“Women and girls in London are safer”

Detective Constable Song thanked his colleagues for their work,
saying they have protected women and girls in London: 
“In my view, Wright’s offending may have escalated quickly and
alarmingly had he not been caught so soon after the offence in St
James’s Park.

The police are appealing for anyone else who believes they may
have been a victim of Wright to contact them by calling 101 with
the reference 6502934/21.”

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