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Students welcome the new Hub


Students welcome the new Hub

The new LSBU hub that has opened recently has shown a significant improvement by its appearance, but has it been positively accepted by its students?

As a good number of students type away on their devices in the new facility that recently opened in LSBU, both positive and negative thoughts have been said about the grand hub’s opening. One student said:

”I think it’s interesting. It’s more than what I am used to. this place is massive and the library certainly has a lot of variety. I will say that it’s a bit hard to navigate – that’s my issue, but I guess it’s due to the sheer size of this place. ” -Sarah, a First year student.

Map of new Hub

Second year student, Miriam, had a more positive review:

”I like the new LSBU facility because it’s more accessible for everyone – there is a lot more space and more resources, and a lot more computers available. I quite like the new building as it motivates students to check it out.”

New Library/ Study Space

New Library/ Study Space

You can read about the new LSBU hub here.

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