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Tube Strike Strikes Again


Tube Strike Strikes Again



information notice of the tube strike at Elephant and Castle station. 

On Thursday 10th November all London Underground services will be suspended.

The tube workers are all going on strike tomorrow which means we all have to wake up extra early to get to work.

About 10,000 RMT members working at London Underground will be on strike, meaning buses are expected to be extremely busy and congested but the Elizabeth Line trains will run as usual creating hope for commuters as the only means of public transport.

Members of the public expressed their opinion on how this will affect them.

One said he agrees with the disbanded services and that the people deserve a strong union behind them
IO, 18 ”They deserve a strong union in order to get the pay they deserve. Although some members of the public saw the positive in the strikes, others had very strong opinions on why they believe the TFL system is ridiculous. Luke,21 ” It sucks for the people that cant afford to live working a full time job and not being able to afford other travel, normal people already pay enough for everything.”


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