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Best places in Southwark to watch the upcoming Champions League clashes


Best places in Southwark to watch the upcoming Champions League clashes

Southwark has always been seen as a very cool place for young people. Besides London South Bank University, there is also Southwark College and London College of Communication around, which means a plenty of students searching for a local pub to watch this week’s UEFA Champions League matches.

No one wants to find themselves in a packed, full and uncomfortable bar watching their favourite team winning that important game. The students which can’t afford buying a TV License of BT Sports, can visit these pubs for big screens with fancy football as well as a pint of beer.


The Rosy Hue (Photo: Kennington Runoff)

Well know among LSBU students ‘The Rosy Hue’ will be showing the first Champions League match of 1/8 stage between AC Milan and Tottenham Hotspur. If you’re a Spurs fan, or an international student supporting the Rossoneri, be ready for a nice and cold pint of beer and lots of snacks as pork scratchings or even mixed olives.

However, ‘The Rosy Hue’ will not show the UCL clash on Wednesday.


Camel & Artichoke (Photo: FANZO)


There are everyday sports events and available seats in Camel & Artichoke pub. It is nice place with a 18th century design, big screens and a beer garden, in case inside is overcrowded. There is a British menu, but if don’t enjoy it don’t worry! The food options are multinationals: from Lamb Samosa to Krispy Chicken Burger. The Camel & Artichoke website says they always show BT Sports matches, so you won’t miss great football atmosphere there.


The Charlotte (Photo: OpenTable)

What do The Charlotte means? It means great food, lots of cocktails and craft beer. During your drink enjoyment you would be more than happy to watch all the big football matches of the week as

  • AC Milan-Spurs mentioned above
  • Arsenal-Man City as the biggest game of this season’s Premier League
  • Dortmund-Chelsea on Wednesday

Make sure you find the most suitable place for you and your friends. The local atmosphere usually creates your match’s feeling!

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