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Delays, cancellations and overcrowding: Londoners complain about the Southeastern trains service


Delays, cancellations and overcrowding: Londoners complain about the Southeastern trains service

Many people are concerned and annoyed about the new Southeastern timetable regulations. During the last 7 weeks, Londoners met delays, cancellations and massive overcrowding at peak and non-peak times. The Southeastern rain network represents a significant part of the city’s transport system, as it connects the South-East part of London with the centre of it: London Bridge and Cannon Street.

Despite introducing the new timetable on 11th December, the Southeastern trains still continues to disappoint travellers. The change campaign is meant to provide more space inside and trains on time. After 6 weeks, on 23rd January, the service apologised, saying that “It isn’t the service we planned and it isn’t the service that you deserve.” However, Steve White, the Managing Director, and Ellie Burrows, the Regional Managing Director, mentioned that they are still confident the new timetable “will make things better” which produced more concern about the statements made.

Image: Southeastern (Twitter)

During the 7th week, on 31st January, there was a social media explosion with many complaints about the service. For example, Twitter user Kim Brown replied to the news about today’s strikes with 2 pictures showing what happened yesterday. According to Kim, the services were overcrowded at 4:44 pm, a critical time to get back home after work.

Kim’s post on Twitter

The unprofessional approach made Londoners try different methods to get back to the old timetable. Another example would be Beverley Cramb and her petition to The breaking point for this petition was Beverley’s awful experience of trying to get to her job using the Southeastern trains. The number of concerned people is impressive, including Dan Thorpe, the Councillor for Shooters Hill.

Beverley’s petition in support for the old timetable return.

However, including a new timetable was a necessary action, as the old one had many delays and cancellations as well. In consideration of the fact that today, 1st February and on Friday, 3rd February, the Southeastern rail network services are on strike, it means more time to think about what could be done to fix the problem.

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